In beautiful Apalachicola Bay, Florida.




Full Marathon

SUNDAY, 10/21/2018

The “Running for the bay!” Full Marathon is held in the beautiful Apalachicola Bay area of Florida. From historic Apalachicola, the race heads toward Eastpoint and then St. George Island, only to return again to the bay’s peaceful waters.

Full Marathon USATF Certified Course # FL10040EBM

The "Running for the bay!" Marathon medal was voted as one of the top 10 medals in North America for the last two years running!

RFTB Medal


YES! The "Running for the bay!" Marathon can qualify you for the Boston Marathon!

The Start

The marathon starts in Apalachicola with easy access to the starting corrals
for any of the races.

Get ready! Get set! Go!

From Apalachicola, the course crosses the Gorrie Bridge (Named after Physician John Gorrie, the inventor of refrigeration as a byproduct of his fight against Malaria). From Gorrie Bridge you can see a full view of America's greatest wildlife estuary stretched out before you, the estuary stretches from horizon to horizon. You'll see the bay's laced with local shrimp boats with their “hanging” nets dancing in the wind. As you run above the bay, you’ll see the local oyster fisherman raking for oysters, the same way they have for over a hundred years. The bay’s considered the finest oyster laden waters in America. Flying along side of you while on the bridge, you’ll see one of the more than three hundred species of birds that inhabit the bay, some of which will be gently "racing" along on the Gulf’s breeze.


Upon descending the Gorrie Bridge, you’ll enter the “Margaritaville” like town of Eastpoint, FL. Eastpoint features pine trees standing against the skyline with their “feet” nestled in a sea of native straw grass and wild flowers. For the serious runner, here the terrain is flat and fast. And you’re just warming up!

Warming the heart

The Full Marathon course then turns east along South Bay Shore Drive to eventually head up and over the Bryant Patton Bridge (At 6.6km, it’s the third longest bridge in Florida). As you ascend the Patton bridge, you’ll feel the Gulf's gentle breeze cooling you. Racing over the arch of the bridge, you'll see the St. George Island Lighthouse slowly revealing itself in its own " majestic" manner. The glow of the lighthouse’s beacon has warmed the heart of many a fisherman as they fought the raging waves of a storm. As the gentle giant it is, the lighthouse softly beckons visitors and runners to the glistening beaches of the island. An island that stretches out as far as the eye can see in both directions.

St. George Island

After setting foot on St. George Island, you’ll race up the island’s shores a short distance and then cross over to the Gulf side. Upon reaching the Gulf's emerald waters, you’ll race up friendly, neighborhood streets that hugs the shoreline, all while getting an endless view of the Gulf’s curved horizon, complete with its crashing waves, fiddler crabs and gently gliding seagulls. St. George Island features the halfway point of the race. Soon, you’ll cross back over the island to the bay side and race back up the opposite side of the Bryant Patton Bridge for a totally different view of the bay. From your high vantage point, you’ll see miles and miles of the most beautiful waterways and low lands in America.

Back to the wild flowers and swaying pines of Eastpoint

Upon re-entering Eastpoint, you’ll race up a different track as the Locals wave and cheer you on. Now you’re three-quarters through the race and you’ll appreciate the hometown hurrahs!  As your turn south and the bay reveals itself to you once again, you’ll see the bay’s sailboats gliding along as they slice through the deep-blue waters. By now, you can sense the finish line is near.

Down to glory!

As you race down the Gorrie Bridge and into Apalachicola, the crowds will be cheering and urging you on. The crowds will cheer and make you feel like running another marathon, albeit after a well deserved rest. Upon crossing the finish line, you’ll receive your “Running by the bay!” Marathon medal and the rights to say, “You did it!” You’ve accomplished what only a few can do, enjoy the glory!

The "Running for the bay!" Marathon course is USATF certified!

The "Running for the bay!" Marathon course is certified by the USATF. Our certification number is: FL10040EBM. This means the course can be used to qualify for the Boston Marathon or any other major that requires times to be set on a certified course.

Time limit: Course is open for all races for 8 hours!